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About 30 years ago, a mother by the name Debbie Miller had a vision of starting a school that would provide children of the Messianic community with a godly education based on Biblical values. Soon a few more parents with the same vision joined her and together they started a very small school with two classes and two teachers. One of the teachers was Debbie Miller herself and about 10 children who attended the school its first year. This school was founded on much prayers and was named Mekor Hatikvah - a source of hope. It was founded with the intention to be a source of hope for Messianic families, who were not many in the country and were concerned about the education of their children. The vision that sprouted in the heart of one mother, grew into a full elementary school that now includes also all the junior high school grades. The Lord has greatly blessed this school and allowed it to flourish and to become a source of sound and godly education.
Today Makor Hatikvah School provides education for over 130 students from Messianic families who come from different areas and backgrounds. The school serves grades 1-9 and includes all the core subjects as well as art, music, technology and New Testament classes. We also provide Ulpan classes (Hebrew lessons for beginners) for the students who made Aliya (repatriated) and are in the process of acquiring the language. The school day begins each morning with prayer, worship and scripture reading before the students disperse to their classes. After 8 long years of prayers and faith, much work and persistence, school received governmental recognition and is today a private school recognized by the Ministry of Education. Our curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education, yet we have the liberty and autonomy to teach all the subjects based on a Christian worldview. No governmental support is provided.
We are praying about finding a bigger building/facilities so that the school might be able to continue to provide Christian based educations for all those who seek it. At the moment, our classrooms are filled to full capacity. We dream and pray to be an example for the other schools in Israel. We believe that more Messianic schools should be established around Israel and Makor HaTikvah will be the pioneer in this vision. We believe and pray that the school will move to a larger building and more and more families from Jerusalem and the surrounding area will be able to join it. We know that even today the school is an example for believers in the local Messianic community and for non-believers in municipal and government offices. We ask you to continue to pray and support the Messianic education vision in the Land of Israel that "out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."
“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 Our Messianic faith is central to all we do at the school. We believe that each day should begin with spiritual food for students, with worship and prayer, and the Word of God. We believe in importance of the academic education in the Messianic community. The strong base from the beginning opens wide range of opportunities for the students to choose their profession and serve according to their talents. We believe that we are training up the next generation of believers in Israel, who will take their place in this society to be the light to their people.

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